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Scale Video Coding: US-11019372-B2 (Layered Multicast and Fair Bandwidth Allocation and Packet Prioritization)



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Layered Multicast and Fair Bandwidth Allocation and Packet Prioritization

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Unified Patents is seeking prior art on at least claim 1 of US-11019372-B2 owned by Scale Video Coding, LLC, an NPE part of Equitable IP. The patent generally relates to an overlay multicast network may provide a set of features to ensure reliable and timely arrival of multicast data. The embodiments include a congestion control system that may prioritize designated layers of data within a data stream over other layers of the same data stream. Each data stream transmitted over the network may be given an equal share of the bandwidth. Addressing in routing tables maintained by routers may utilize summarized addressing based on the difference in location of the router and destination address. Summarization levels may be adjusted to minimize travel distances for packets in the network. Data from high priority data stream layers may also be retransmitted upon request from a destination machine to ensure reliable delivery of data. View the Similar Documents (patents + scholarly publications) generated by Google Patents: Patents: NPL: ** PLEASE READ THE RULES FOR THIS CONTEST BEFORE YOU DECIDE TO PARTICIPATE. ** ** TO QUALIFY FOR CONSIDERATION, A CLAIM CHART IS REQUIRED. ** ** PLEASE USE THE PROVIDED CLAIM CHART AS A TEMPLATE ** ** PRIOR ART THAT HAS BEEN PREVIOUSLY CITED DURING PROSECUTION WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED. **

Start Date: Fri Sep 22 2023 20:25:26 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

End Date: Thu Nov 30 2023 21:25:28 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)


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