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Sotat: US-9854207-B2 (Mobile Surveillance System)



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Mobile Surveillance System

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Unified Patents is seeking prior art on at least Claim 1 of US-9854207-B2. The patent is owned by Sotat, LLC, an NPE. The patent generally relates to a system and method comprising a mobile device in communication with a server, wherein the server is adapted for receiving surveillance data transferred electronically from a surveillance area. At least one camera is positioned at the surveillance area for capturing surveillance data, wherein the surveillance data comprises metadata comprising at least one of audio, video, images, point in time and location of the surveillance area. The surveillance data is transferred from the server to said mobile device and displayed on the mobile device upon a user request. The surveillance data may be transferred automatically using a combination of a radio, a network, or a base station. A motion detection means can be engaged to the system to detect variations in motion measurements and provide global positioning data at the surveillance area. The system provides automatic updates to a user regarding delivery surveillance data corresponding to the user request. For more information on the patent: APEX STANDARDS has shared prior US patent art, non-US patent art, and Non-Patent Literature art as well as corresponding claim charting against the patent. Interested professionals may take them and craft work product from there. The link can be found here: View the Similar Documents (patents + scholarly publications) generated by Google Patents: Patents: NPL: ** PLEASE READ THE RULES FOR THIS CONTEST BEFORE YOU DECIDE TO PARTICIPATE. ** ** TO QUALIFY FOR CONSIDERATION, A CLAIM CHART IS REQUIRED. ** ** PLEASE USE THE PROVIDED CLAIM CHART AS A TEMPLATE ** ** PRIOR ART THAT HAS BEEN PREVIOUSLY CITED DURING PROSECUTION WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED. **

Start Date: Wed May 03 2023 18:57:28 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

End Date: Fri Jun 30 2023 18:57:28 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)


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