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Cordless Phone Systems

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Unified Patents is seeking prior art for claims 1-3 of US 6,970,706, which belongs to non-practicing entity Valyrian IP LLC, an IP Edge entity. The '706 patent purports to use call forwarding techniques based based on priority levels for cordless phone systems. Valyrian IP has asserted this patent in US district court against Avaya, ICON Voice Networks, Polycom Inc., Grandstream Networks, AT&T, Verizon, SpectrumVoIP, RingCentral, and Sangoma US. The complaints from district court can be found here: ** PLEASE READ THE RULES FOR THIS CONTEST BEFORE YOU DECIDE TO PARTICIPATE. ** ** TO QUALIFY FOR CONSIDERATION, A CLAIM CHART IS REQUIRED. ** ** PRIOR ART THAT HAS BEEN PREVIOUSLY CITED DURING PROSECUTION WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED. **

Contest starts at 2020-04-17T20:29:28.419Z and ends at 2020-05-31T20:29:28.419Z.



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