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Unified Patents is seeking prior on at least claim 1 of US-8719101-B1. The patent is owned by Adnexus, Inc., and NPE. The patent generally relates to a method according to which an advertisement associated with a first party that contains an interactive element displayed within the advertisement is displayed to a recipient in a network communication associated with a second party, an interface option within the advertisement is displayed as a result of an interaction by the recipient with the interactive element, contact information in the interface option is received from the recipient, and the contact information is stored in a database. It has been asserted against eBay, Amazon, Google and LinkedIn. The link for litigation can be found here: APEX STANDARDS has shared prior US patent art, non-US patent art, and Non-Patent Literature art as well as corresponding claim charting against the patent. Interested professionals may take them and craft work product from there. The link can be found here: Techson IP has provided its Full validity-focused Limestone|Report which includes: a list of highly relevant prior art patent leads - individually ranked to the claims and tiered by research efficiency; summary predictive analytics about the search; a full CPC technology profile. Interested professionals may take them and craft work products from there. The Full Report link is here: InQuartik is a patent intelligence company that doesn't simply deliver patent data — it makes the data understandable, too. InQuartik has developed an automated prior art search solution — Quality Insights by Patentcloud. With its advanced Family Prior Art and Semantic Prior Art features, users can expose a patent's weakness and critical validity issues faster and more effectively. A 7-day free trial is available, which includes access to a staggering 100 patent validity reports. The link can be found here: IPscreener shows an AI generated list of relevant prior art also helping Patroll searchers to faster read and understand of documents found by highlighting relevant passages. Access is free for the exploring the contest case, to view, comment and export identified texts. The link can be found here: View the Similar Documents (patents + scholarly publications) generated by Google Patents: Patents: NPL: ** PLEASE READ THE RULES FOR THIS CONTEST BEFORE YOU DECIDE TO PARTICIPATE. ** ** TO QUALIFY FOR CONSIDERATION, A CLAIM CHART IS REQUIRED. ** ** PLEASE USE THE PROVIDED CLAIM CHART AS A TEMPLATE ** ** PRIOR ART THAT HAS BEEN PREVIOUSLY CITED DURING PROSECUTION WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED. **

Start Date: Fri Mar 17 2023 18:34:51 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

End Date: Mon May 15 2023 18:34:51 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)



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